Shark SV736 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Review

By | September 30, 2017

Shark SV736 Vacuum Cleaner

There are many Shark vacuum cleaners and there are many different options for cordless handheld cleaners. This Shark cleaner from Euro-Pro though claims to be the most powerful option you can choose. This is quite a statement to make considering the top manufacturers of vacuums it is up against, so lets take a close look at the 15.6 volt vacuum and see how the Shark SV736 Cordless Handheld vacuum rates.

Shark SV736

Features you get with the Shark SV736 Cordless Handheld vacuum

Twister Cyclonic Technology – this is something specific to this company and is meant to ensure their cleaners have the best suction power, and also suction that does not fade when the dust cup becomes full. When tested it does have great suction power and most consumers say that they do not have a loss of suction in the machine when doing longer cleans.

Lightweight – the handheld SV736 is light and small making it easy to hold while doing longer jobs and easier to maneuver.

Solidly built – while it is light and easy to hold it is still well made and does not feel like it is going to crack after a few knocks. Nowadays there is a problems with a lot of products with that saying of ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ being quite true. This appliance does not feel cheap and should last you a while.

Motorized brush – this is great for lifting pet hair out of furniture and carpets or stairs. Anyone with a pet can relate to those thicker patches of hair gathering in certain places where your pet likes to sit or lay. This handheld can handle those patches as the brush loosens and lifts them and other debris well and then the powered suction pulls them right up. Like other Shark vacuum cleaners, it also comes with a crevice tool to get into those tougher places.

Shark 18 Volts

Charging time – when you first get it you have to charge for 20 hours but after that you should get at least 30 minutes of use.

Small dustcup – because the handheld is noce and small that does then mean the dustcup is going to be small which means it will need emptying more often. It also means the filter will need cleaning. That filter is another ongoing cost too as it needs replacing every 3 months.

Bracket for storage – You do not have to use it but it does come with a bracket so you can store and charge it on a wall, just make sure you place the bracket near an outlet. The bracket is not hard to install but you will need your own screwdriver and small drill. How the vacuum sits in that bracket is different to many other handhelds though. Rather than the nozzle end pointing down, it points up and that is something that takes a few tries before you get the hang of it.


The Shark SV736 Cordless Handheld vacuum is a good option for people looking for a handheld cleaner, and it certainly does perform at the top end compared to the rest of the market. It does have great power, it cleans very well, is quality made and performs well even on pet hair. The only slight drawbacks to this option are its small cup and filter changes, and getting it in and out of the bracket on the wall.

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