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ILIFE A6 Review

ILIFE’s first robotic vacuum cleaner was the V1 and it has been a long time since those days and a lot of development. Each cleaner was an improvement on the previous model and the latest in the A series is the A6. The ILIFE A6 is the shortest model so far being only 2.8 inches tall. This low profile means we can expect it be able to get under furniture with ease, beating other competitors like Dyson. Another improvement to enjoy is the bristle free motorized brush which ILIFE calls the Bladeaway spiral blade rubber brush. Instead of bristles there are rubber blades in rows. The motor is also upgraded giving it 10 times the power even though ILIFE still rates it the same as the A4 model at 1000 pa.

What else can be expected of the ILIFE A6?

If you buy from Amazon you can see a video that shows you the cleaner being taken out of its box so you get a good look at it. It does not show any cleaning but it does give you an idea of how it looks and what features it comes with. There are batteries for the remote included and the virtual wall, two additional side brushes, and an additional Bladeaway spiral blade. Top robotic vacuum cleaner competitors Roomba and Neato do not offer such extras and they charge more for their models.

How does it improve on the previous model the A4?

The A6 looks very different in appearance to the A4 especially with its black shiny piano finish, but it actually has a lot of the same features. Those twin brushes on the side with the centered motorized brush and in diameter the size is still the same too. However some differences or improvements include:

  • Lower to the ground – the A6 is shorter than the A4 by 0.19 inches. This makes it a touch sleeker, able to navigate under sofas, beds and other furniture. Compare it to the Neato or Roomba equivalent models and there is an inch difference!
  • New and improved motorized brush – The new bristle free beater bar is easier to look after, called the Bladeaway spiral blade it comes with rows of rubber blades that agitate instead of bristles.
  • Increase in run time – The A4 could run for 120 minutes before it had to return to the dock to recharge. Because of a new motor that is more efficient and an upgrade in its software the A6 can run another 40 minutes more than that making its run time two and a half hours before it needs to dock for a recharge.
  • Performance on carpeting and bare floors – If you have carpeted floors you are going to need an additional upright cleaner to do a more thorough clean now and then. Robot cleaners are not as effective on carpet floors as they are on bare floors and that is true for both models here. On bare floors the A4 preformed well but with the additional improvements in the A6 its cleaning performance is even better.
  • An included virtual wall – If you are new to robot cleaners you may not be familiar with what a virtual wall is. Basically it is a device that signals to the robot not to enter a certain area. It means if there is somewhere you do not want the cleaner to go you can alter the cleaner’s path. This was not included with either the A4 or the A4S. The one included has a 10 foot reach, it works better than Neato or Xiaomi’s solution of magnetic tape, and is certainly better than having to get something large like a box to block off an area.

The ILIFE A6 in conclusion

On Amazon the ILIFE A6 will cost you around $280. This makes a cheaper robotic cleaner option giving you more value and meaning even people on a budget can afford to consider robot vacuum cleaners as an option. Plus you get extras with this machine and it comes with a HEPA filter, the best kind for people with allergies. For $100 more the Roomba 650 is taller, comes with less and there is not a huge difference in their cleaning capabilities. Of course there are cleaners like the Roomba 960 that have more advanced navigations but these then cost 3 or even 4 times the amount the ILIFE A6 is. If you are looking for a robot cleaner that is more affordable this is absolutely worth considering.

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