Dyson V7 Vs V8

By | September 15, 2018

Dyson V7 Vs V8 Vacuum Cleaner

When you are in the market for a new vacuum cleaner, it is understandable to be drawn to the manufacturer Dyson. They have an excellent reputation, their products have great suction and perform at or near the top of the market. But they are expensive so apart from the suction, useful floor tools and the fact that it can be turned to a handheld cleaner are there any other benefits to owning a V7 or V8 Dyson and how do they both compare with each other?

V8 animal vs V8 absolute

Possibly one of the few issues there may be with Dyson and their cordless vacuum cleaners is just how many there are to choose from, and their differences are not always clear so it can be hard to know which one would best suit your cleaning needs. Sometimes they have different versions of tools and attachments and the different V lines come with their own issues (V6 has a fairly short operation time), the more powerful V8 is more expensive, and the V7 released last year falls somewhere in between. So what does the V7 have to offer?

What you get with the Dyson V7 measured against the V6 and V8

It is understandable why Dyson decided to fit in the V7 series of cordless cleaners despite the many already on the market. It makes improvements on the cordless V6 cleaner so you are getting a better vacuum cleaner but it is not as expensive as the V8 model. The actual design of the V7 is quite similar to the V8 too. There is a trigger for its suction on the body of the machine and it can be used in both stick mode and turned to handheld mode. As a stick cleaner it works well on hard floors and carpeted with its strong direct floor head drive.

Compared to the V6 as mentioned the V7 does have a longer battery life though it is not as long as the V8. The way to empty the dirt cup is a system so that you do not have to touch anything and it comes with the Dyson max mode so that when more power is needed, you can get it. The V7 from Dyson comes in three types, the Motorhead, Animal and then the top end of the range the Total Clean.

  • Motorhead V7 – basic version but comes with the direct-drive cleaner head which is almost twice as powerful as the basic V6.
  • Animal V7 – designed to be good for homes with pets, it comes with a tool for removing pet hair from furniture and carpeting that is motorized.
  • Total Clean V7 – top of the line it comes with some extras like a fluffy floor tool or soft roller cleaner head for cleaning hard floors. It also has a easy release brush for dusting and the mini motorized tool the Animal comes with.


While the V7 does not have the same level of power as the V8 it is less expensive and comes with some of the features the V8 has still. It is better than the V6 so if a 30 minutes of operation time is enough for your needs rather than the 40 minutes of the V8 this could be a more affordable Dyson option.

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