Bissell Floor Steamer Review

By | March 25, 2018

What People think of the Bissell Floor Steamer

When it comes to top manufacturers of steam cleaning machines there is no doubt that Bissell is one of the best. If you want a great floor and carpet cleaning steam machine you would be wise to check out the Bissell Steam Cleaners to see what each has to offer. The latest have been designed listening to what people want, able to be used on different surfaces and different carpeting, excellent performance without causing damage or to much dampness to the surface and effective removal of stains, bacteria and dirt. Whether you need to clean a carpet, your hardwood floors or marbled tiles, Bissell Steam Cleaners from the latest line can do it. Lets look at why and how.

Bissell Floor Steamers

Features of the Bissell Floor Steamer

  1. 360 degree rotating head – Probably the most noticeable feature of the Bissell Steam Cleaners is the 360 degree rotating head. This means those places that other cleaners find hard or impossible to reach can now be dealt with effectively. Corners can now be as clean as the main areas.
  2. Great on stains – New stains can be dealt with now and not leave a sign they were there and even old worked in stains can be lifted.
  3. Gets to even stubborn pet hair – Any pet owners knows there are certain places your pet likes to sit or sleep more than others and those places tend to have more fur deeply embedded into the carpet. The Bissell Floor Steamer can get into those spots and loosen that hair so it can easily be removed.
  4. Quiet – unlike many cleaners these ones are actually quiet.
  5. Any surface – wood, carpets, tile, vinyl, all can be cleaned with a Bissell Steam Cleaner.
  6. More friendly for the environment – no need for lots of chemicals with their fumes, clean with the power of steam.
  7. Light weight and compact – easy to carry and light to use and to maneuver.
  8. Longer handle – makes it more comfortable to clean with.
  9. Internal water filter – reduces water waste so it can be reused.
  10. Heats quickly – should be ready to clean with in just half a minute.
  11. User friendly – anyone can use them.
  12. Long cord – allows for cleaning larger rooms without having to change outlets often.
  13. Reusable microfiber pads – not having to buy new Bissell steam mop pads with every use.
  14. Large dust bag – can handle more mess.


There are a lot of positives about the Bissell floor steamer, not only do you get a great clean on any surface, it is better for the environment too. There are models that comes with on board water tanks, and then there are others that have to have an external water supply connected to them. It comes with a year warranty and come in various colors to suit your style. They are affordable and effective and could make a big impact on how you clean.

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